What's The Big Deal About Puberty?

This interactive course about puberty is ideal for both parents/carers to do together with their pre-teens aged 9-12 years. This can also be completed by your child on their own.

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A 2 Unit course for parents/carers and

pre-teens 9-12 years

All about puberty and the changes that can be expected.

How to cope and be positive about puberty?

Including activity book

Why You Need This Course

This course will help to empower you and your child to have open, ongoing and positive conversations together about puberty in the comfort of your own home. It's fun, age appropriate and educational. It will not only help everyone understand why puberty happens, but also, how, when and all of the changes that can be expected. The second unit is about how to cope with puberty so that your child can feel normal and well prepared.

I loved that we could watch it together with our son and pause the videos and talk together. We now talk about puberty as a natural and normal part of life.

Natalie & George

This course exudes positivity, energy and fun and is very educational at the same time. My daughter loved learning and I was surprised by what I learnt too.


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Physical changes

Emotional changes

Social changes

More Testimonials

This course is fantastic. My 2 kids and I watched it together and we enjoyed the bright images but also learnt a lot about the changes that happen during puberty. It was an opportunity to talk about a subject that I find difficult to have with my kids.


This course is so good. My daughter did not want me to watch it with her, but I watched it before she did and loved it. She also commented that she wanted to watch it again.


Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

Does this course include reproduction or sex?

No, it doesn't talk about sex or reproduction, only puberty.

Question 3:

Are there naked images in this course?

There are cartoon images of genitals that are age-appropriate which explain their correct names, body safety and what happens during puberty.

Question 2:

Can I return the course if my child does not watch it?

No, unfortunately, you cannot return the course once purchased.

Question 4:

What if my child refuses to do the course with me?

They can easily do the course on their own. Just remind them that you are there if they have any questions.

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